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About us

About us

​People & Personalities

Consulting is a special service. By people for people. We maintain a work culture in which professional qualifications and personal profile are appreciated equally.

In the case of the professional qualities we set standards. Many of our employees have completed several courses of study and training, have had extensive experience abroad and have a command of foreign languages. The ability to grasp the core of a problem precisely and quickly and to work out proposals for solutions is the prerequisite for a career with us.

We provide a large variety of development opportunities for young people starting a career who have above-average qualifications and also for experienced experts. We support further qualification and promote the preparation and completion of vocational examinations. It is our aim to create attractive jobs for all of our employees.

Professionalism is expressed, as we understand it, to an equal degree by personal commitment, a sense of responsibility, mental independence and by integrity.

If our clients are asked, it is the interplay of professional qualification and individual personality of our consultants, which set us apart in a special way.