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Consulting in the Energy Industry

Consulting in the Energy Industry

The energy sector is currently going through a period of drastic change, powered by the twin driving forces of political and popular pressure. In order to remain successful in this difficult market, fundamental changes and restructuring are often necessary. Our experts in the energy sector can help you to actively drive this transformation, to your lasting advantage. We offer a full spectrum of interdisciplinary services, from management consulting and tax accounting to legal support in the field of energy law.

The Experts on Energy

As well as auditing and pre-audit support, PKF Munich offer specific expertise in the energy industry, including assessment of unbundling results and generating reports according to the relevant legal guidelines, e.g. The German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and The Heat-and-Power Cogeneration Act (KWKG).

Our services for the energy sector in detail:

  • Annual audits and pre-audit support (for private and public energy firms as well as public utility companies)
  • Management consulting (commercial concepts, separation accounting, cost accounting)
  • Business valuation, due diligence
  • Conceptual design, implementation or evaluation of risk management systems
  • Consulting on questions of regulation e.g. calculation of network charges
  • Conceptual design of network companies
  • Special legal auditing for energy supply firms

In our PKF Auditing and Tax Accounting Annual Conference, we keep you up to date on the latest changes in legal, business and tax-related regulations in the energy and transport sector.

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