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PKF Newsletter 11/2017

Please find this content in the new edition of the PKF newsletter 11/2017:

Focus: New German Anti-Money Laundering Act obliges traders that engage in cash transactions to set up a risk management system

  • Limitation on loss deduction at corporations – Statutory provisions under review
  • The recognition and measurement of internally generated non-current intangible assets – Part 3 – Accounting for apps
  • Transparency register - Urgent action is needed on account of new disclosure requirements whose violation is punishable with a fine
  • Digital legacy – Access for legal heirs to a deceased person’s user accounts?
  • New rules concerning employee data protection will apply from 25.5.2018 as a result of an EU regulation
  • Monitoring of private e-mail use in the offi ce to be restricted
  • Blockchain – Financing opportunities for medium-sized enterprises?