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PKF Newsletter 04 I 2018 - Criminal law in the UK relating to corporate tax offences

At first glance, the amendments to British criminal law relating to corporate tax offences - about which we report in the Focus section of the latest edition of our newsletter - appear to be an issue for that island only. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that German companies with links to the British market, not least because of the regulatory changes enacted there last autumn, should set up tax compliance management systems. 
The other tax topics covered in March are the tax implications of crowdfunding, the interaction between a gift and a hidden profit distribution to a closely related party as well as the new Federal Ministry of Finance circular on the limitations on loss deduction.
In the 'Legal' section, among other things, we have summarised the sweeping obligations that will have to be fulfilled, from May 2018, within the scope of the general data protection regulation. You can also read about how you can avail yourself of subsidies for consultancy services for the implementation of the digitisation requirements at your company.

PKF Newsletter 04 I 2018