PKF München



Due to the extension of regulatory requirements, in addition to open funds, now certain closed alternative Investment funds (AIF) are also obligated to assign a depositary with the audit of special processes.

Purpose of this readjustment through KAGB is to ensure the interests of investors and to avoid a collision of interests.

Essential tasks of the depositary at a glance:

  • Monitoring of cash flow
  • Controlling of property relating to the assets of the AIF
  • Storage of all assets of the AIF
  • Explanation the assessment process and the valuation of shares of AIF
  • Verification of the usage of revenues through AIF
  • Checking of deals that require approval

The crucial value-add for assigning PKF as an (alternative) depositary is our long lasting expertise with economic fundamentals as well as the special characteristics of assets that can be held in custody. In particular we have significant experience in the fields of these investment classes; property, aircrafts, shares in PPP-companies as well as premises for the generation of renewable energy. For this reason we can provide you an efficient and premium depositary function for your alternative investment fund.

Please ask us if you have questions regarding alternative depositary.