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Present around the world

Together with our PKF network partners, we form one of the largest independent consulting and auditing networks in the world. As a reliable partner, we provide our clients with local expertise, competence and regionality, even in the face of complex, cross-border challenges.

Your local partner, integrated into a global network

Worldwide the PKF network, with 1.650 partners and a total of about 18.500 employees, is present at 400 locations in 150 countries and in that way makes sure that we are exactly there on the spot where our clients need us. Our network enables us to bundle resources and expertise from various countries and specialities. Also for highly complex subjects we work out efficient solutions which sustainably support our clients’ success. Particularly in the case of time-critical tasks, for example in the case of transactions, the strong network is of inestimable value.

As our client, you have access to the knowledge and resources of around 18,500 employees in 150 countries. In this way, we ensure that we are on the spot where you need us. Our strong network is invaluable, especially for highly complex issues or time-critical tasks such as transactions. The personal service provided by our German partner remains our special feature, even with orders on a global level. We are your local partner - anywhere in the world.


Our international network at a glance

With 400 locations in over 150 countries, PKF International Limited (PKFI) is present worldwide. Approximately 18,500 employees, 1,650 of whom are partners, generate an annual turnover of approximately 1.3 billion US dollars (fiscal year 2017). The international network ranks 15th among the audit and consulting networks worldwide. PKF International is a member of the "Forum of Firms" network, an organisation that promotes consistent and high quality standards in financial reporting and auditing.

PKF International Limited is not responsible or liable for the activity or advice which a member firm provides to its clients.

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