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Secure financial planning in uncertain times with our PKF - LucaNet "quick help package"

In times of corona crisis, integrated financial planning is essential for your company.

With PKF and LucaNet as competent and reliable partners, you can cope with the current situation - wrapped for you in an attractive "Quick-Help-Package", which comes to you for three months free of license fees.

Especially in times of crisis it is important to create a reliable and comprehensible financial plan. With the LucaNet planning tool, the effects of the current crisis on your profitability and liquidity can be simulated safely and transparently in just a few steps. In addition to consistent liquidity planning, our PKF - LucaNet "quick help package" also allows for comprehensive budget, forecast and scenario planning. Because only if you have a complete overview of your finances and can rely 100% on your financial plans will you lead your company safely through these uncertain times.

With PKF and LucaNet:

  • always keep an eye on your liquidity
  • plan various scenarios and be prepared for all eventualities
  • create resilient reports for your investors

Read more about our PKF - LucaNet "quick help package" 


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