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Transfer Pricing

Our team consists of experts that can assist the mulitnational companies that perform intra-group transactions regarding transfer pricing risks management, by providing high qualiity services.

PKF Munich can assist you in developing a positive relationship with tax authorities by setting an appropriate transfer pricing structures, reducing the risk of fiscal adjustment.

Transfer pricing is an important driver of shareholder value

Partnership with PKF Munich offers additional stability and a reduction of internal time for transfer pricing problem, thus facilitating a complex process without assistance from professionals could become difficult and time consuming.

Our Services include providing expert advice in the following areas:

  • Analysis and review of intra-group transactions in which the company is involved in order to identify key risk areas of transfer pricing
  • Analysis and review of exisiting documentation at group level and preparing the transfer prices file in accordance with local laws
  • Conducting studies of comparability for all transactions types with affiliated companies
  • Developing and implementing of transfer pricing policies
  • Assistance in planning and / or restructuring of current intra-group transactions
  • Providing assistance in the fiscal inspections conducted by tax authorities (including providing assistance in preparing the necessary documentation to support taxpayer´s position before the authorities)

Your contact person

Alexander Paul

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