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Stable economy and investor-friendly environment, leading export country based upon a free market economy and cost-effective production locations as well as high quality standards are the reasons why investing in Germany is attractive.

Munich, which is located in one of the largest economic centers in Europe, attracts investors from all over the world.

For four years now, Germany has been the most popular country in the world for Chinese Greenfield investments and for the coming years, a stable and sustainable growth can be expected.

Investment success in Germany is dependent on a carefully planned, sophisticated operation.

Therefore PKF Munich China Desk, with multicultural and multi-lingual, experienced and professional experts can support you in the following areas:

·         A broad spectrum of Accounting & Controlling Services

·         Audit and Assurance Services

·         M&A Transaction Advisory Services

·         Income Tax Advisory and Optimization of Group Tax Structures

·         Integration Services for Mergers and Acquisitions

We would be happy to discuss any specific questions or issues you may have personally!

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