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IPO support in capital market transactions

Going public or the Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a complex and challenging process for the company with a demand for capital that necessitates comprehensive and specialised know-how in all of the phases of going public. We advise and support you continuously and purposefully during every process phase.

Going public

  • First of all numerous sub-projects are to be processed and organisational changes are to be implemented. What expenditure is incurred here depends upon, among other things, the stock market segment chosen and its requirements.
  • For companies which are not yet AGs (stock corporations), transformation into one is now due. If necessary, the changeover of the accounting to IFRS will be required. Corporate governance standards are to be introduced and to be continuously monitored.
  • Major elements within the scope of preparation for the IPO are the drawing-up of a business plan and of an issuing concept.
  • An indispensable elements on the way to the listing is an independent due diligence.

Being public

Upon listing, increased demands are made on the capital market-orientated company regarding the information obligations. With our extensive transaction expertise, PKF’s corporate finance experts support you in establishing and monitoring the appropriate process routines within the company in order to comply with the disclosure and reporting obligations.

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