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Optimising capital structures

Thinking about the optimising of the financing in a company is fundamentally meaningful and in certain situations absolutely imperative, be it that the financing is too much orientated to payment at term or too short-term, there are too many or too few banks involved, that one has too little equity capital or excessively low indebtedness. Our team of experts has therefore made it its duty to regularly check the financing strategy and structure together with you. We hence make allowance for the importance of a functioning risk and opportunity controlling system as an elementary building block of the management.

By means of regularly used financial planning, bottlenecks and leeway in the financing structure are revealed. In that way adjustments can be made on a timely basis.

Constantly checking, systematically adjusting and reliably optimising financing structures

If companies have, due to their sound financing situation, the opportunity for recapitalisation, an externally financed special distribution to the shareholders is possible. This can be advisable in order, in the interest of risk spreading, to invest in other assets outside of the working capital.

If signs of temporary financing bottlenecks appear, thought must be given at once to structuring alternatives. An option for the widening of financing leeway, which we discuss with you and clarify in our consulting, can be the optimisation of the capital structure by means of systematic working capital measures.

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