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Financial Consulting

Sustainable financing for the future with clarification of the financing certainty at an early stage is the basis of successful corporate management. Particularly when simple and favourable conditions are available for external financing, our experts recommend that it should be exactly checked whether these financing offers will also be viable in the future. Since only it that way is it possible to avoid defects in the financing structure and in the financing and collateral agreements becoming apparent if secure financing were urgently necessary: in uncertain times.

Creating financial security - shaping structures actively

Depending on the situation and phases through which a company passes, the demands made on financing also change. Active financial structuring is always in demand if acquisitions, reorganisation or growth investments cannot be covered from the current cash flow. Within the scope of our financial consulting we ensure jointly with you that the respective financing fits with regard to times to maturity and repayment structures, that they also make possible the entrepreneurial intention and at the same time comply with the security interests of the financing banks.

Our financing experts from PKF advise you also on the basis of their extensive experience of the subject areas of financing structures, financing products, market participants and negotiation situations. The aim of the cooperation is to ensure the financing success and hence the future of your company.

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