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Corporate Governance - Effective management

Company management which is also successful in the long term is based on a financially promising, secured business model, functioning operational business processes as well as on compliance with basic legal and regulatory conditions.

With our comprehensive specialist knowledge we support you and your company with the implementation of opportunity and risk management, the optimum orientation of internal controls or the review of the systems. In this connection we also take on the evaluation of systems installed and project-supporting audits as far as certification.

With an efficient strategy, the individual, multi-faceted challenges for the company’s management can as a general rule be systematised within a holistic approach to a solution. For example, it is possible for us to reduce the complexity of tasks and processes and at the same time to offer customised, tailor-made solutions.

Effective corporate governance is the basis for being able to make target-orientated decisions on a secured basis. It contributes to the securing of investments, working capital and sustainable cash flow and ensures limitation of liability and compliance.

Our range of services comprises


Opportunity and risk management

Meaningful opportunity and risk management analyses and documents the achievable objectives of a company on the one hand and on the other hand the factors opposing the achievement of the objectives.

Internal audit department

  • The internal audit department safeguards the functional efficiency and adjustment of all governance instruments and:
  • ensures that a company can adjust to changed basic conditions,
  • reveals details when the business development does not meet the corporate targets set,
  • measures the variance from target and analyses its causes
  • and indicates matching solutions. 
  • Preventive compliance
    The organisation of preventive compliance protects the company from conscious and/or unconscious errors. It ensures that legal and regulatory requirements are met and serves the purpose of sustainable development of the company.

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