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Reorganisation in accordance to IDW S6

Particularly in periods of crisis, fast action is decisive for the continued existence of a company. In order to be able to make the right decisions, both the management of the company and the investors require prompt and reliable information on the company’s financial and performance potential. Based on this, well-founded statements on the crisis-ridden company’s capacity for restructuring are to be made.

An objective and independent statement on the crisis-ridden company’s capacity for restructuring often, in particular in the liquidity crisis, presents the final opportunity for averting the impending insolvency and for encouraging all those involved to ensure the continued existence of the company.

Safeguarding and stabilising your business sustainably

The basis of the reorganisation is the restructuring concept and/or reorganisation survey. The purpose of this concept consists in showing, with reference to the basic legal conditions, in a conclusive and comprehensible manner, a way towards reorganising the crisis-ridden company.

A reorganisation survey by the PKF team of experts includes the systematic review of the economic starting situation. Central elements consist in analysing the causes and the stage of the crisis, presenting the new strategic orientation of the reorganised company and pointing to measures for overcoming the corporate crisis.

The integral business plan in particular serves as the basis for the assessment of the capacity for restructuring. We analyse the situation jointly with you and work out viable solutions.

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