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Determination of enterprise values

The acquisition or sale of a company, structural measures under company law, the valuation of shares or division of the estate: numerous events raise the question of the value of a company. PKF München can provide you with the expertise you need to determine a company's value. In addition to fundamental business knowledge in the areas of cost accounting and performance accounting, controlling, investment and financing, this also includes a specific understanding of the industry and market environment.

Securing decisions

The role of the valuer depends as a matter of principle on the respective valuation situation. For example, for the determination of objectivised company values, a neutral expert occupies himself with the valuation. In judicial and extrajudicial disputes, the evaluator is assigned the role of arbitrator.

Our PKF Consulting Services and Valuation Services - Your Advantage

Our PKF valuation experts support you efficiently in the implementation of your business objectives, whether in the valuation of companies in the context of squeeze-outs and mergers, in the valuation of assets (asset valuation) or in the safeguarding of decisions through fairness opinions.

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