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Internal Audit

Internal auditing serves as an effective auditing and consulting service of the target-orientated handling of business processes. In detail

  • it safeguards the operability of the financial measuring instruments,
  • ensures compliance with rules,
  • reveals process variances and deviations from targets
  • and is an important instrument for checking the proper course of operating function and organisation as well as the utilisation of resources.

The fundamental aim is always to optimise structures and work flows and to create added value for the company.

Controlling processes, resources and risks effectively – the basis for your success

To this end we handle both meaningful individual examinations in operational, financial and/or compliance-related processes as well as the operational support for your own internal auditing and co-sourcing for you. If required, our experts from the area of Corporate Governance also handle the complete performance of the internal audit.


  • set-up of an internal auditing department
  • reorientation and strategic focusing of the auditing function
  • risk-orientated audit planning
  • qualifying and advanced training of the audit staff


  • support for individual audits or handling of the individual audits
  • complete takeover of the entire audit activity

Quality audit and certification

  • benchmark audit of the governance structures
  • certification of the internal audit department
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