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Acquisition processes

During an acquisition process the analysis of the target company is focused on. One central question is whether and to what extent the strategic and operative objectives of acquisition can be achieved. The financing should be made a subject of discussion from the outset.

So that an acquisition project does not fail due to incorrect assumptions concerning the financing of the buying price, already at the time of the first approximate purchase price offer it should have been clarified whether the implementation of the provisionally planned external financing is realistic. Clarification entails the correct assessment of structures, times to maturity, margins or leverage. The appraisal of the feasible financing volume additionally permits an estimate of whether the approximate buying price is too high or too low. In that way the financing in the acquisition process is prevented from becoming the deal breaker.

Our experts in the area of acquisition financing support you with special know-how in the implementation of your financing project. We clarify all of the relevant issues together with you.

Decisive for the negotiation of the loan agreement documentation is that the financing fits the company during the whole term of the contract.

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