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Vendor Due Diligence

The vendor due diligence provides sellers in auction processes, in which several bidders are to be granted the possibility of due diligence, with some advantages. It serves to furnish the potential purchaser with information from the seller relevant to the decision-making.

With the support offered by us you will be able to recognise problem areas as early as the preparatory phase. You will be able as the seller to better control the flow of information and the supply of data of the same kind to all of the bidders is ensured. A further advantage is less burdening of internal resources.

Better control in financing and transaction processes

Particularly in uncertain times, financing banks demand a high level of transparency from the borrower for growth financing, financing of acquisitions or in the case of refinancing. We support our clients with the establishing of the required transparency. And hence in complying with the banks’ interest in obtaining, through an expert third party, a better general idea of the opportunities and risks of their loan exposure. Moreover, in that way the borrower is provided with the opportunity to control the financing projects striven for, in a foresighted manner and on its own initiative, by commissioning a due diligence of its own company.

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