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Financial Due Diligence

For the acquisition of a company the financial due diligence is an essential tool for the more precise observation of the target company. With analyses of the earnings and risk profile of the target company, it can yield a comprehensive picture of the financial strengths and weaknesses. Our finance experts in any case work out for you decision and objective-orientated and hence meaningful and informative analyses.

For example, we can help you answer the following questions:

  • In what business segments is money earned?
  • Upon which customers is one dependent on the earnings side?
  • How variable is the cost structure?
  • What effect does the loss of a key account have on the income and cost structure?

Analysing opportunities and risks - taking the right decisions

The financial due diligence yields findings on whether the earnings expectations on which the purchase price offer is based, are accurate and sustainable. Besides other building blocks, it is used for the processing and preparation for the management of information of relevance to decision-making and hence increases the quality of the decision concerning the investment.

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