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Tax Due Diligence

An essential aspect of the decision to acquire a company is the assessment of tax risks, with the complexity being markedly increased if the target company has its headquarters abroad.

In the tax due diligence performed for you by our experts, tax risks are identified and quantified. The transparency thus gained creates certainty and opens up room for manoeuvre for the potential purchaser.

Critical topics such as fiscal units, profit and loss transfer agreements, transfer prices, shareholder loans, taxing of transaction profits or hidden distributions of profits demand special attention at the time of the purchase of a company. Here, too, you can rely on our experience and our know-how.

Identifying and limiting tax risks

On the basis of the results worked out, the transaction experts from PKF show you the corresponding recommendations for action. The risks of payments of tax arrears, for example, should be included by the purchaser in the negotiations as an item to be deducted or absorbed by appropriate guarantee provisions in the contract of purchase and sale.

Moreover, the tax due diligence provides important findings concerning the organisation of compliance with tax regulations (tax compliance).

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