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Support of Reorganisation

Reorganisation should not only have a view to the short-term survival of a crisis-ridden company, but should secure its sustainable competitiveness. In order to achieve this objective, a streamlined organisation and the implementation of a well thought-out project plan are necessary. For entrepreneurs that means a great challenge and particularly if these tasks have to be addressed alongside the operational business as such.

Our experts from the field of reorganisation are ready to assist you with all tasks relating to sustainable reorganisation.

Reorganisation as a means of managing crisis proactively

What is involved here is the competent preparation of detailed catalogues of measures in which the steps towards the implementation of the reorganisation plans worked out are recorded, as well as purposeful reporting that helps to monitor and control the progress and results of the reorganisation.

A basic prerequisite for employing the available capital as efficiently as possible, is the setting-up of liquidity management which is exactly tailored to the specific situation of the company.

Moreover, focusing on target-orientated working capital management can indicate short-term room for manoeuvre and create more flexibility on the way to a successful turn-around.

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