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Restructuring and Reorganisation

Companies find themselves, particularly in economically difficult times, faced with numerous major challenges. Currently, internationalisation of economic activities, concentration in the markets, changed basic conditions and customer needs as well as the increasing shortening of product life cycles are in this context central subjects required to be mastered. For well-founded, future-orientated corporate decisions both an awareness of critical situations and the ongoing analysis of the company’s own areas of risk are in demand. Particularly in critical situations you can rely on the comprehensive experience of the corporate finance experts of the PKF network and above all on the committed action of our employees. For risk assessment an informative internal reporting system is necessary that records the effects of the changes in the business environment promptly and adequately maps them. This transparency helps to avoid crises.

Acting prudently and promptly - Managing Crises

Profound corporate crises do not as a rule arise suddenly, but develop over months or years with their own dynamics which can lead to an increasing explosive force going as far as insolvency. In this phase maximum attention must be given to crisis management. Effective crisis resolution now includes fast and simultaneously calm action. The basic prerequisites for the successful turn-around are correct dealings with stakeholders, direct availability of information relevant to decision-making as well as the immediate implementation of stabilisation measures.

Our aim is to recognise crises in your company in good time and jointly with you to respond appropriately and quickly to them.

Our teams help you with:

  • financial transparency and clarification of the present situation of the company
  • safeguarding the existence of the company
  • recovery and sustainable stabilisation of entrepreneurial efficiency
  • support with the implementation of the appropriate measures
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