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​On-Site Accounting and Controlling Support

Our primary focus is on supporting firms in the process of reorganizing or transforming their management accounting and financial reporting. With our decades of experience gained from diverse accounting and controlling projects in firms of all sizes, we can offer expert support in handling day-to-day operations as well as in conducting major business deals. We are able to quickly immerse ourselves in our client’s own accounting practices, deal with challenges as they occur and react flexibly to the project in hand. In this aspect, we can also draw on our knowledge and long experience as auditors.

We offer our clients expert analysis and a clear plan of action. Each team of consultants is led by a Partner who remains in constant contact with the client, to ensure fast communication and decision-making processes. Our consulting services are informed by expert industry knowledge, cutting-edge IT solutions and a wealth of experience from successful projects all around the globe.

Making Strategic Decisions under Exceptional Circumstances

Businesses often face complex decisions that can have long-term strategic consequences for revenue, management and staff, particularly during merger and acquisition activities. In many cases, a new company has to be integrated into an established business, plans have to be updated or re-written, or calculations have to be prepared for the sale of redundant business groups. And while these challenges are being mastered, the firm’s real day-to-day operations must continue to run smoothly. Exceptional situations of this sort are often one-of-a-kind, and require management to make decisions on issues where they have little or no previous experience.

The accounting and controlling experts from PKF Munich use detailed knowledge and wealth of experience from countless successfully completed transactions to design and successfully implement a sound strategy for optimizing such decision processes in your firm.

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